Sequence Combination Behavior: Data Sheet

Accessing this behavior This behavior can be accessed by clicking the Sequential Combination icon () in the Structure toolbar.
Describing this behavior This behavior is a combination of various behaviors. In a sequential combination, the behaviors execute in a pre-defined order. The creation order of the behaviors will be their execution order.
More information In a sequential combination of behaviors, all the behaviors will be executed. The behaviors belonging to a Sequential Combination are launched one after the other in a pre-defined order. The second  behavior is launched after the execution of the first behavior is over and so on.  The final status of a combination depends on the status of the behaviors it contains. If one of them failed, the combination is shown as failed.
If all the behaviors can be executed correctly, the combination will be shown as solved. 

In case of error, the combination will not execute to the end and will be shown as failed.


Using this behavior See  Using a Sequential Combination to Instantiate a User Feature.