Load Document Behavior: Data Sheet

Accessing this behavior This behavior can be accessed by clicking the Load icon () in the Doc Based Behaviors toolbar.
Describing this behavior This behavior enables to load a document by specifying the name of this document. For all documents types, the expert user can:
  • Leave the path unset. In this case, the behavior can operate and opens a File Open dialog box enabling you to select a file
  • Specify the complete path
  • Specify the name of the document: In this case, the system uses the directory indicated in the CATGraphicPath.

If the CATGraphicPath variable is set to E:\users\xxx\Documents, the system will perform a search in this directory.

More information
  • Note that:
  • The output feature of this behavior is a document corresponding to the name of the selected document.
  • The system does not make the document active.
Using this Behavior Interface

Name: Name attributed to the behavior.
Comment: Comment attributed to the behavior.
Document to open File path: Click to select the document to open. 
When working in an ARM environment, click ARM Browser to navigate to the ARM catalog that contains the template and select this template. For more information about ARM, see CATIA Infrastructure User's Guide.
Using this behavior I have a wheel that I want to instantiate 4 times into a vehicle. I use the Load behavior and I instantiate the wheels 4 times.