Remove item Behavior: Data Sheet Behavior  

Accessing this behavior This behavior can be accessed by clicking the Remove item Behavior icon () in the List Management toolbar.
Describing this behavior This behavior enables you to remove an object contained in the list at a given position. It is also possible to remove all items of the list.
More information Note that the objects to be removed from the list given in the internal attributes list can be defined in 3 ways:
  • By valuating the position of the object to remove (attribute index)
  • By valuating the ListItem with the object to remove.
  • By selecting Remove All: The list will be cleared.

When one of these options is selected, the others are disabled.

Using this Behavior Interface

Name Name attributed to the behavior.
Comment: Comment attributed to the behavior.
List List: Select the list feature of the Generate Components behavior.
Object to remove Object: Select the object that will be removed from the list.
  At position Indicate the position of the item to be removed.
Remove options Remove all If checked, enables you to remove the items contained in the list.