Bind User Feature Behavior: Data Sheet  

Accessing this behavior This behavior can be accessed by clicking the Bind User Feature Behavior icon () in the Bind Based Behaviors toolbar.
Describing this behavior This behavior is designed to retrieve a UDF from a document by specifying the name of this UDF as well as the document or a feature contained in the document. (As of today, UDF definitions can be stored in a CATPart document.) For more information about the Bind mechanism, see About the Bind Mechanism...  
More information Note that the output feature of this behavior is a UserFeature.
Using this Behavior Interface


Name: Name attributed to the behavior.
Comment: Comment attributed to the behavior.
Bind context From object: Click in the Behaviors tree the feature or the document from which the search operation must be performed. The object indicated in this field can be the output feature resulting from Load Document action, or Create New from actions.
User Feature Name: Enter the name of the User Feature. If no name is indicated, the search will return the first User Feature encountered.
Using this behavior The expert user saved User Features (UDFs)  in a part document and searches for one of these User Features in the document.