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This section presents the tools and commands which are available in the Automotive BiW Fastening workbench.
Many other operations are documented in the Infrastructure User's Guide.


Start File Edit View Insert Tools Window Help


The File menu lets you perform file creation, opening saving, printing operations


The Edit menu lets you manipulate selected objects. Refer to the Infrastructure User's Guide and Part Design User's Guide.


The View menu lets you view document contents  Refer to the Infrastructure User's Guide.


The Insert menu lets you insert Automotive BiW Fastenings elements.

  For... See...
Object Product Structure User's Guide
New Component
New Product
New CDM Component
New Part
Existing Component...
Document Template Creation... Creating a Part Template in the Product Knowledge Template User's Guide
Parameters Defining the BiW Parameters
BiW Joint Creating a Joint
BiW JointBody Creating a Joint Body
BiW Welding SpotPoint Insert > BiW Welding Spot
BiW Welding Spot Insert > BiW Welding Spot
BiW Welding CurveBead Creating Welding Curve Beads
BiW Adhesive SpotPoint Creating Adhesive Spot Points
BiW Adhesive CurveBead Creating Adhesive Curve Beads
BiW Sealant SpotPoint Creating Sealant Spot Points
BiW Sealant CurveBead Creating Sealant Curve Beads
BiW SpotPoint Creating BiW Spot Points
BiW CurveBead Creating Unspecified Curve Beads
BiW Clinching SpotPoint Creating a Clinching Spot Point

Insert > BiW Welding Spot

  For... See...
BiW Welding SpotPoint Creating a BiW Welding Spot Point
BiW Welding SpotProjection Creating Spot Projection Welds


The Tools menu lets you perform image capture and album management, set user preferences and manage macros. Refer to the Infrastructure User's Guide.

For See...
Formula... Infrastructure User's Guide
Utility... Reporting Using CATUtil
Customize Infrastructure User's Guide
Visualization Filters...
BiW Fasteners Import Importing
BiW Fasteners Export Exporting
BiW Fasteners Report Tools > BiW Fasteners Report
BiW Fasteners Rename Renaming
BiW Fasteners Transform Tools > BiW Fasteners Transform
BiW Joined Part Screen Report Displaying Joined Parts Information in a Balloon
BiW Fastener X, Y, Z Screen Report Displaying Coordinates Information in a Balloon
BiW Annotations Tools > Annotations

Tools > BiW Fasteners Report

  For... See...
Report Reporting
Flat Report Creating Flat Reports

Tools > BiW Fasteners Transform

  For... See...
BiW Mirror Copy Creating Mirror / Copy Elements
Translated Copy Creating Translate / Copy Elements

Tools > BiW Fasteners Annotations

  For... See...
BiW Weld Series Annotation Creating Series Annotations
BiW Weld Series Annotation Creating Fastener Annotations


The Window  menu lets you arrange document windows in relation one to the other. Refer to the Infrastructure User's Guide.


The Help menu lets you get help on the currently active command, and the product in general. Refer to the Infrastructure User's Guide.