Creating Fastener Annotations

This task shows you how to generate and create 3D functional annotation attached to a single fastener (in our scenario, we have selected a curve bead).
Open the ABF_AllTypeFast_03.CATProduct document.
An annotation plane is already created.
  1. Click BiW Weld Fastener Annotations in the BiW Annotations toolbar.

    The BiW Weld Fastener Annotation dialog box is displayed.
  1. Select the parameters as follows:

    • Field 1: ID

    • Field 2: User Value
    • Field 3: User Value
    • Field 4: User Value
    • Field 5: Joined Zone Names and Thickness Count
  2. Select a curve bead 3D geometry or in the specification tree.

    The Welding creation dialog box opens and displays the parameters you have just defined:
  3. Click OK to create the annotation.

    It also appears in the specification tree under the Annotations Set.x node.