This task shows how to import data from a neutral file.

A neutral file must exist.

  1. Click Automotive BiW data import in the Automotive BiW Fasteners toolbar.

    The Import dialog box opens.
    The directory for the neutral file is the one defined in Customizing General Settings and is the same as the export directory.
  2. Click OK.

    The progress bar shows you the remaining imported percentage.
    May be the names of the joined part numbers or the root product differ from those used in the neutral file, the import process still goes on. If the joined part ID differs from the neutral file, the import is possible only if an associated part number is found in the session.
    A warning message is displayed when the import is over.
    All inconsistencies found during the import process are logged in a .xml file. The path to this file is the same as the neutral file's. Its ID corresponds to: ProductName(Part Number)_date(year#month#day#time)_LOG.xml
    One single log file is issued per import.
    Here is an example:
  • All BiW Fasteners have an "Explicit" location method after they have been imported. They are located only by their coordinates but the links to the 3D geometry are not kept.
    See Exporting.
  • You cannot check the rules when importing data.