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Database updated Mar 2007

What's new in the database today

May 2008:  XGA208 driver information and links updates.

Mar 2007:  ADF updates and new entries to the adapter database.
Mar 2006Riser Cards: PC 100-300/700 Series and Server 310/315
Jan 2006The Parallel Port: Introduction to the IEEE 1284 Standard (1994)

Adapter Database

1192 adapter entries and 719 ADFs (March 2007). See also • Updated adapter entries.

Mar 2007Louis Ohland contributes links to Invisible Software and Computone, incl. ADFs. William R. Walsh supplies the link to Cabletrone ADFs 5600, 5601, 5602, 5603, 5604 and 5605; supplies links to annotated board outlines of the network adapters 5600, 5606, 5608, 56EA, 6016, 6018, 611F, 628B and 6FC0.

Updated Computone 616E, 617E and 61FD descriptions and ADFs. Added three new Computone adapter entries with descriptions and ADFs:

Updated Invisible adapter entries with descriptions and ADFs:

Introduced company/origin class CBLT for Cabletron Systems Inc., CMLS for Cumulus Corp., and CMPT for Computone Corp. Fixed MF Multifunction Adapters class links in the adapter list pages.

Jan 2007:  New adapter entries added:

Updated 6C68 Opto 22 Dual RS-485 Serial Port with the text and ADF contribution of David Ress. Description and ADF added to 80A6 Cornerstone ImageAccel Adapter. Added ADFs obtained from the certified DOS/Windows 3.x driver section of the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) collection to adapter entries 0700, 0050, 5606, 5607, 5608, 5609 and 5C1C. Added 12 ADFs of IBM adapters contributed through the ADF collection of Peter Wendt.

Updated a number of adapter descriptions, inserted images. Pointed to XGA206 and SPOCK206 drivers. Removed 62AC Logitech ScanMan256 adapter entry (fixed EPRM bug).

Mar 2006:  Around 50 ADFs from the NCR and Apricot collection, and MS Windows NT 4.0 installation CD-ROM added to the adapter database. NET class entry mismatch fixed for the Mixed Network adapter entries. Multiple ADFs commented in the adapter pages.

Mar 2006:  Additional ADF versions added and ADF differences commented for the following adapters:

Mar 2006David Ress contributes @7CED.ADF for OS/RAM8 Memory Adapter, Capital Equipment Corp.

Feb 2006:  Company/Origin class QUAT introduced for QUATECH adapters. QUATECH adapters classified and updated with the origin. QUA TECH (old style) changed to QUATECH (new style).

Feb 2006:  New adapter entry added, 5FE7 QUATECH SCL-6100 Asynchronous Current Loop/RS-232-C. Inserted link to drivers for 5FE7 SCL-6100 Asynchronous Current Loop/RS-232-C. Descriptions from the QUATECH Reference Manuals added for the following adapters:

Jan 2006:  Illustrated descriptions added to the reference section:

Jan 2006:  New adapter entry added, FDD5 IBM External 360-KB/1.2-MB Diskette Drive Adapter. Descriptions from EPRM added for the following adapters:

Jan 2006:  Descriptions from PS/2 FAQ added for the following adapters:

Jan 2006William Walsh contributes a link to 6B2C XIONICS XIP-D Image Processor (Turbo Image Accelerator).

Jan 2006:  Company/Origin class MTRB introduced for MetraByte adapters. MetraByte adapters classified and updated with the origin.

Jan 2006David Ress contributes five new adapter entries to the Data Acquisition class:

Jan 2006David Ress contributes @6028.ADF, @602A.ADF and @6146.ADF. The adapter 6146 UCPIO-72 Triple Parallel Port Interface is a new entry to the database.

Jan 2006Unal Z launches the adapter database, it goes online. The ADF collection is entirely that from the EPRM, containing a total of 622 ADFs. Shared adapter-IDs are not yet separately handled, such adapters share, not surprising, the same page. • There is only one adapter image, that of the unknown, or unreleased, or undocumented 5087 Tandon SCSI Host Adapter. It might be partially or fully compatible to the 508C Trantor T228 SCSI Host Adapter. The Tandon adapter is based on AM53C80JC (© 1986 AMD), the SCSI extension of Media Vision Pro Audio Spectrum 16 (ISA bus) is also based on AM5380JC, and that is a known Trantor SCSI domain.

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