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MCA Base Contributors

Sincere thanks to all Contributors for their efforts and valuable contributions, in alphabetical order:

Anonymous Contributors

A number of adapter entries and ADFs have been obtained from driver packages, NCR and Apricot archives, manufacturers websites, or in rare cases from websites maintaining ADF collections. If you are such a contributor and feel you have been overlooked, please contact MCABase.

David Beem

Mar 2006:  Contributes the adapter entry of 0DFF National Instruments MC-MXI.

David Ress

Jan 2007:  Contributes text and information on 6C68 Opto 22 Dual RS-485 Serial Port Adapter.

Mar 2006:  Contributes the ADF to 7CED OS/RAM8 Memory Adapter, Capital Equipment Corp.

Jan 2006:   Contributes a new entry to the adapter database with 6146 UCPIO-72 Triple Parallel Port Interface incl. ADF. Supplied ADFs to 6028 and 602A. • Contributes five new adapter entries to the Data Acquisiton class: 5018 MetraByte GPIB Interface, 52C0 MetraByte High Speed 32 Bit Digital IO, 5D58 Scientific Solutions MC-DAS 1616 incl.ADF, 5EBF National Instruments MC-MIO-16 Data Acquisition Card incl. ADF, and 609A MetraByte 4 Channel Analog Output.

Jelte W. Roelfsema (JWR)

Mai 2006:  Contributes the blue-chip XGA-2 (8FDA) and XGA (8FDB) display adapter images.

Louis Ohland

Jan 2007:  Contributes the links to Invisible Software and Computone websites. Invisible 5347, 5348, 5349 and 7154 ADFs. Computone 616E, 617E, 61F2, 61F3, 61F8 and 61FD ADFs.

Apr 2006:  Contributes the 8F64, 8F67 and 8F7F IBM Turboways 155 ATM Adapter entries.

Peter Wendt

Jan 2007:  Contributes through the ADF collection at www.mcamafia.de 12 ADFs of IBM adapters (8F6A, 8F6D, 8EFD, 8F9E, 8FFB, 8FFF, DFE8, DFF4, E9FE, EEBF, EFCB, FFDE).

William R. Walsh

Mar 2007:   Supplies links to annotated board outlines, maintained by himself, of 5600, 5606, 5608, 56EA, 6016, 6018, 611F, 628B and 6FC0.

Jan 2007:   Supplies the link to Cabletrone ADFs 5600, 5601, 5602, 5603, 5604 and 5605.

Jan 2006:   Board layout and description of 6B2C XIONICS XIP-D Image Processor (Turbo Image Accelerator), supplies the link to the XIONICS adapter page maintained by himself.

Unal Z (UZ)

Jan 2006:  Created and released the database framework. Receives the contributions, updates and maintains the database.

Sources of Information

Sincere thanks to all authors, maintainers and providers of invaluable sources of information.

EPRM Rel. 1 (1997)

The EPRM Rel. 1, Dec 1997, written and maintained by Friedrich Schmieder (schmiedef-at-vnet-dot-ibm-dot-com), Copyright © IBM Corp. 1992-97, has been an invaluable source for technical information on MC adapters, PS/2 parts, IBM Options etc. Borrowed EPRM excerpts, quotations and images have been either explicitly acknowledged or linked to this notice explicitly stating the reference source as being the EPRM, Copyright © IBM Corp. 1992-97. • Quoted adapters: 8F6A/8F6D IBM Ethernet Quad-B2/Quad-BT PeerMaster, 8FA4 IBM LANStreamer MC 16 Network Adapter, E401 IBM VoiceType Dictation Adapter, 64B7 Thomas-Conrad TCNS/MC, 8DF0/8DF4 IBM Image Adapter/A, 8DF1/8DF5 IBM Image Adapter/A with Printer/Scanner Option, 8DF2/8DF3 DSS and sub card 2/3, 8DF6 IBM Image-I Adapter, EFDC IBM ActionMedia II Display Adapter • Quoted articles: Introduction to the IEEE 1284 Standard (1994) • Riser Cards PC100-300/700, Server 310/315.


The source of 622 ADFs have been the EPRMADF0.INF and EPRMADF1.INF files obtained from the IBM FTP (PCCBBS), contents as of 12/24/1999, supplied by Aaron Eisenpress and currently (Jan 2006) mirrored by Daniel Hamilton at http://ps2supersite.homedns.org/pccbbs. The EPRM ADF collection, represented by the files EPRMADF0.INF and EPRMADF1.INF, does not contain a copyright notice. Individual ADF files copyright their respective owners.

PS/2 FAQ v5.4 Sound Cards (1995)

The source for sound cards specifications and descriptions: PS/2 FAQ, Version 5.4, maintained by Christopher Feeny (alkemyst-at-shadow-dot-net), last modified 12/15/1998. Sound card section by Alain Jacques (jacques-at-cpmc-dot-ucl-dot-ac-dot-be), dated 2/23/1995. • Quoted texts: 5130 SoundPiper 16/32, 6C0F Roland MIDI Processing Unit MPU-IMC, 5084 Creative Labs Sound Blaster Adapter/MCV.

Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Collection

The Windows download section of the MSDN from the years 1995 and 1996 contains DOS/Windows 3.x Microsoft certified drivers. Some driver packages contain ADFs and short descriptions. The Cabletron ADFs (0050, 5606, 5607, 5607, 5608 and 5609), the Proteon p1892 (0700) and the IRMAtrac (5C1C) ADF have been located there.

QUATECH Reference Manuals

The source for the QUATECH adapter descriptions ftp://quatech.com/manuals • Quoted texts: 5FD8 ES-2000/ES-3000 Eight Asynchronous RS-422/RS-485, 5FE0 QS-1000 Quad Asynchronous RS-232, 5FE3 DS-2000/DS-3000 Dual Asynchronous RS-422/485, 5FE6 DS-1000 Dual Asynchronous RS-232, 5FEC QS-2000/QS-3000 Quad Port Asynchronous RS-422/485.

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