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Entry updated Jan 2006
 64B7 ::: Thomas-Conrad TCNS/MC

Adapter ID

Adapter ID
Thomas-Conrad TCNS/MC (generic name)
Thomas-Conrad TC3046-STP TCNS Adapter/MC
Thomas-Conrad TC3046-CX TCNS Adapter/MC
Thomas-Conrad TC3046-ST TCNS Adapter/MC
NET  Network
Thomas Conrad, U.S.
Thomas-Conrad TC3046-XXX family:

Part NameMedia Type (100-Mbps link)FRU P/NMKT P/N
TC3046-STPTwisted pair DB972G9980--
TC3046-CXBNC RG62A/U (Coax)72G9970--
TC3046-STFiber Optic72G997872G9978


Technical information and illustrations contained in this page are edited excerpts from the EPRM, Copyright © IBM Corp. 1992-97.


16 or 32-bit MicroChannel bus interface.


  • Coaxial RG-62A/U (93 Ohm)
  • Shielded Twisted Pair
  • Fiber Optic 50/125µm, 62.5/125µm, 85/125µm, 100/140µm (62.5/125µm recommended)

Point-to-Point Cable Distances

  • For BNC ≤ 100 meters (328 ft.)
  • For STP ≤ 150 meters (492 ft.)
  • For Fiber ≤ 900 meters (2950 ft.) when 62.5/125µm cable is used


  • Network Interface: TCNS protocol
  • Interrupts: 3, 5, 7, (2)9, 10, 11, 12, 15
  • Base Memory Addresses: C000h, C400h, C800h, CC00h, D000h, D400h, D800h and DC00h

Adapter Activity LED

  • The TC3046 end bracket has a status LED that facilitates network troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Once the TC3046 is installed, the red activity LED becomes operational. When data is being transmitted or received, the activity LED is on. A blinking activity LED indicates a bad cable connection.


  • Power Requirements: 2.9 at +5V, typical
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C (Storage -45°C to 80°C)


  • Make sure the working copy of your PS/2 Reference Diskette is in Drive A:. Turn the computer ON.

  • Configuration is initiated when your computer powers up. Follow the instructions on your screen for any preliminary action that might be required (such as pressing Enter or another key), then proceed with the next step.

  • The message "Automatically configure the system? Yes/No" appears. Answer "No".

    Do not select automatic configuration. Automatic configuration of the TC3064 adapter will result in an unknown memory base and conflicting Node ID setting, which will disable your TCNS network.

  • Select "Copy an Option Diskette" from your system menu.

  • A message appears on your screen telling you to insert an option diskette. Remove the PS/2 Reference Diskette and insert the Thomas Conrad TCNS Drivers and Tools diskette and press Enter. The computer will automatically copy the setup information for the TC3046 adapter into RAM.

  • Remove the Thomas Conrad diskette and insert the PS/2 Reference Diskette in the diskette drive as prompted.

  • Follow the instructions on your screen to exit the copy routine and return to the menu.


IBM LAN Server (DOS and OS/2)
MS LAN Manager
Windows for Workgroups v3.11 (incl. in Operating System)
Netware Server (V2.12, V2.15-V2.22, V3.11-V4.10)
Netware OS/2 Requester workstation
Netware IPX Linkable Workstation
Netware ODI Workstation
Windows NT V3.5 (incl. in Operating System)
Netware SFT III (V3.11, V4.10) Mirrored Server Link



ADF Adapter Description File


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