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Entry updated Jan 2006
 8DF6 ::: IBM Image-I Adapter/A

Adapter ID

Adapter ID
IBM Image-I Adapter/A
VID  Video
FRU 66G2279 : Image-I Adapter/A 3MB (8550, 8555, 8560, 8570, 8580, 8595 only)


NOTE: For part numbers, connectors and video cables information on the IBM Image and Image-I Adapters see the MCA Base reference document IBM Image Adapters.

Technical information and illustrations contained in this page are edited excerpts from the EPRM, Copyright © IBM Corp. 1992-97.


The Image-I Adapter/A is a high-resolution adapter, capable of driving displays up to 230 MHz, with a maximum screen addressability of 1600x1280 pixels. It is available in 3MB only. It is ISO (International Organization for Standardization) enabled. The Image-I Adapter/A supports only ISO refresh rates, it does not support non-ISO displays.

The Image-I Adapter/A can be installed in all IBM PS/2 system units except portable models. ISO-enabled IBM display types are 6091-016, 6091-19i, 1091-051, 4517 and the 9504 Monochrome Display. These displays conform with industry and government standards, such as ISO standard 9241/3.

The display attached to the Image Adapter can show VGA graphics only if the adapter is installed in the AVEC slot. Ideally, the Image Adapter should be installed in the AVEC slot unless this slot is already in use (e.g. with an 8514/A Adapter).

SIM-Video Connector

Image-I Adapter/A SIM-Video Connector:

PinTypeNo Serial InterfaceSerial Interface Captured Cable
C1CoaxRed BNCRed 75 Ohm Terminator
C2CoaxGreen BNCGreen 75 Ohm Terminator
C3CoaxBlue BNCBlue 75 Ohm Terminator
1TPID Pin 2ID Pin 2
2TPID Pin 1ID Pin 1 / Clk Out
3TP H.V.S.D.
4CoaxDigital GroundDigital Ground
5CoaxHsync BNCHsync
6TPID Pin 4ID Pin 4
7TPID Pin 3ID Pin 3 / Data
9CoaxVsync BNCVsync
10CoaxDigital GroundDigital Ground





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