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Entry updated Jan 2006
 8DF0 ::: IBM Image Adapter/A

Adapter ID

Adapter ID
IBM Image Adapter/A
VID  Video
See IBM Image Adapters.


NOTE: For part numbers, connectors and video cables information on the IBM Image and Image-I Adapters see the MCA Base reference document IBM Image Adapters.

Technical information and illustrations contained in this page are edited excerpts from the EPRM, Copyright © IBM Corp. 1992-97.

Image Adapter/A

The Image Adapter/A is a high-resolution adapter, capable of driving displays up to 128 MHz, with a maximum screen addressability of 1600x1200 pixels. The driver output impedance for video signals is 75 ohms. The sync lines of the adapter are TTL levels driven by 4 ma drivers, therefore the termination should at the very least be at 750 ohms.

The Image Adapter/A is available in three versions:

  • The Image Adapter/A 1MB is available with one megabyte of Video Memory (VRAM). It can be upgraded to three megabyte of VRAM and the Image Adapter/A Memory Expansion Kit.
  • The Image Adapter/A 3MB has two megabytes of VRAM and the Image Adapter/A Memory Expansion Kit already installed.
  • The Image Adapter/A 3MB 6091 is the same as the Image Adapter/A 3MB, but also has a cable for attaching an IBM 6019-019 Color Display.

The three versions of the Image Adapter/A support IBM analog displays equipped with a 15-pin direct-drive analog interface. The adapters can be installed in any IBM PS/2 Micro Channel system unit, except portable models.

Image Adapter/A Options

You can attach optional features only to the Image Adapter/A.

  • Printer/Scanner Option.
  • Memory Expansion Kit.
  • PS/2 Video Memory Expansion Option.

For a single display configuration, you must always attach the display to the display connector on the Image Adapter/A and not to the system-unit display connector.

Image Adapter/A 15-pin Analog Video Connector

PinColor ModeMonochrome Mode
1Red VideoReserved
2Green VideoVideo
3Blue VideoReserved
4Display ID 2Display ID 2
6Red GroundReserved
7Green GroundVideo Ground
8Blue GroundReserved
9+12V fused+12V fused
10Digital GroundDigital Ground
11Display ID 0Display ID 0
12Display ID 1Display ID 0
13External HsyncExternal Hsync
14External VsyncExternal Vsync
15Display ID 3Display ID 3


Follow the link below.


IBM Image Adapter:  http://www.gilanet.com/ohlandl/video/Image.html

ADF Adapter Description File


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