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Entry updated Jan 2006
 E401 ::: IBM VoiceType Dictation Adapter
 Image courtesy of EPRM © IBM Corp. 1992-97

Adapter ID

Adapter ID
IBM VoiceType Dictation Adapter, or
IBM Personal Dictation Adapter/A
VOI  Sound, Voice Boards
VoiceType Dictation Adapter family:

AT-Bus Adapter71G664170G8976OSPCH1Y
MCA-Bus Adapter71G664270G8977OSPCH2Y
PCMCIA Adapter89G284689G2854OSPCH3Y
PCMCIA Ext. Jack Box89G2848----


Technical information and illustrations contained in this page are edited excerpts from the EPRM, Copyright © IBM Corp. 1992-97.

Installation Instructions

There are no device drivers included on the Option Diskette. After installation attach input and/or output devices to the adapter.


4x connectors, from top to down of card (see drawing at the top of this page):

  • L - Stereo Microphone input (amplified audio source, only the left channel is used)
  • M - Monaural Microphone input
  • O - Stereo Speaker Output
  • S - Unused

The external jack box connected to the PCMCIA card (15-pin connector) has the same connectors as above. The input and output connector jacks used in the adapters and external jack box are 3.5-mm jacks.

ISA-Bus Adapter Jumper Settings

If the default settings conflict with the address or interrupt settings of other adapters installed in the system, use the following diagram to select a different setting.

Factory Settings

Default I/O Address = 800h
Default IRQ = 10

3-Pin jumper blocks numbered from left to right.
Pins numbered 1, 2, 3 from top to bottom:

AddressBlock 1 (1)Block 2 (2)Block 3 (3)InterruptBlock 1 (4)Block 2 (5)Block 3 (6)
800h *1-22-32-3    
4800h *1-21-22-3    
8800h *1-21-21-2    

Running the Diagnostic Tests

Prior to running diagnostic tests on your adapter, you must have installed VoiceType Dictation software.

  • If the computer is ON, close any application programs that might be running, and shut down the operating system, if necessary.

  • After shutdown is complete, turn off the computer.

  • Access the diagnostic tests:

    • If you have a PS/ValuePoint or compatible (AT-bus, ISA or EISA) computer, place the backup of your VoiceType Dictation Adapter Option Diskette into drive A and turn on the computer. The adapter diagnostic tests run automatically.

    • If you test the PCMCIA VoiceType Adapter, type A:TESTVDA at the operating system command prompt, press Enter, diagnostic tests run automatically.

    • If you have a PS/2 MicroChannel computer, turn on the computer, access the system programs, and select Test the computer from the menu. Watch carefully for the Voice Dictation Adapter diagnostic tests. The adapter diagnostic tests run automatically.

  • When the internal diagnostic tests are complete, the program asks you if you have an external speaker attached:

    Y(es) The program plays four tones, each increasing in frequency
    N(o) Diagnostic testing ends.

  • After the speaker test is complete or terminated, the program asks you if you have a microphone attached:

    Y(es) The program asks you to speak into the microphone for five seconds. You hear the words you just said played back through your external speakers.
    N(o) Diagnostic testing ends.

If you receive any error message, write down the error code and consult the PS/2 MC Numeric Error Codes table.





ADF Adapter Description File


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