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Entry updated Jan 2007
 80A6 ::: Cornerstone ImageAccel Adapter

Adapter ID

Adapter ID
Cornerstone ImageAccel Adapter
VID  Video


The following information has been taken from the README text of the DOS/Windows 3.x driver package (Rel. 1.02, 1993).

Cornerstone ImageAccel integrates 120 or 150 dots per inch resolution, high speed image decompression, scale-to-gray image enhancement, and extremely fast Windows acceleration on a single chip. ImageAccel's built-in scale-to-gray engine enhances image quality lost in the scanning and scaling process. The ImageAccel Display Controller incorporates hardware assist for decompression, scaling and rotation of bi-tonal document images.

VGA Support

For PC/AT bus systems, non-Windows applications use ImageAccel's on-board VGA, which can display on either the high resolution monitor or on a separate VGA monitor connected to the ImageAccel controller. ImageAccel's on-board VGA provides 640x480 resolution, and 16 colors out of a palette of 262,144 colors.

For MicroChannel bus systems, ImageAccel provides VGA compatibility by attaching to the VGA controller on the system motherboard.

Known Problems with ImageAccel Hardware

For PC168Ci and PC128Ci Color controllers with revision -006A or lower:

• IBM 6091 fixed frequency monitors are not supported as a boot monitor. These monitors are supported by the Windows Display Driver.

• Jumper 8, Default Boot Screen, is not functional.

For MC168Ci and MC128Ci Color controllers with revision -003A or lower.

• IBM 6091 fixed frequency monitors are not supported as a boot monitor. These monitors are supported by the Windows Display Driver.

Hardware Installation

Before installing the ImageAccel controller, disable the VGA on your computer's motherboard if it does not disable automatically when it detects a VGA card. Remove your add-in VGA card if you have one, or disable ImageAccel's on-board VGA by removing jumper V to use another VGA source.

It is essential that ImageAccel not conflicts with either the memory or I/O addresses of any other controller in your system. The ImageAccel controller has been pre-configured for memory addresses DE00-DFFF and I/O addresses 3B0/3B1. If you need to change these defaults, change the jumpers as described in the User's Guide. Do not use address range B600-B7FF unless all other selections create a conflict, as this range inhibits monochrome VGA operation (the DOS command MODE MONO).

If you use an ImageAccel Controller with a monochrome MDA or HGA controller, you can not use I/O address 3B0 and memory address B600-B7FF. In addition, you need to add VGA MonoText=0 to the [386Enh] section of your SYSTEM.INI file of Windows 3.x.

For MicroChannel systems the default configuration for the monitor type is:

• DualPage 120 (DualPage 120i controller)
• DualPage 150 (DualPage 150i controller)
• Autosync (Color controllers only)

Install the ImageAccel Display Controller in a 16-bit expansion slot, or the Video Adapter Slot for MicroChannel systems.


DOS/Windows 3.x drivers have been seen in the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) collection of 1995 or 1996.



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