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Commands Reference, Volume 4


About This Book
Who Should Use This Book
How to Use This Book
ISO 9000
32-Bit and 64-Bit Support for the UNIX98 Specification
Related Information
Alphabetical Listing of Commands
named Daemon
named4 Daemon
named8 Daemon
named9 Daemon
namerslv Command
ncheck Command
ndp Command
ndpd-host Daemon
ndpd-router Daemon
ndx Command
neqn Command
netpmon Command
netstat Command
newaliases Command
newform Command
newgrp Command
newkey Command
news Command
next Command
nfsd Daemon
nfso Command
nfsstat Command
nice Command
nim Command
nimadm Command
nimclient Command
nimconfig Command
nimdef Command
niminit Command
nis_cachemgr Daemon
nisaddcred Command
nisaddent Command
niscat Command
nischgrp Command
nischmod Command
nischown Command
nischttl Command
nisclient Command
nisdefaults Command
niserror Command
nisgrep Command
nisgrpadm Command
nisinit Command
nisln Command
nislog Command
nisls Command
nismatch Command
nismkdir Command
nismkuser Command
nisping Command
nispopulate Command
nisrm Command
nisrmdir Command
nisrmuser Command
nisserver Command
nissetup Command
nisshowcache Command
nisstat Command
nistbladm Command
nistest Command
nistoldif Command
nisupdkeys Command
nl Command
nlssrc Command
nm Command
no Command
nohup Command
notifyevent Command
nrglbd Daemon
nroff Command
nslookup Command
nsupdate Command
nsupdate8 Command
nsupdate9 Command
ntpdate Command
ntpq Command
ntptrace Command
ntsc Command
nulladm Command
number Command
od Command
odmadd Command
odmchange Command
odmcreate Command
odmdelete Command
odmdrop Command
odmget Command
odmshow Command
on Command
oslevel Command
ospf_monitor Command
pac Command
pack Command
packf Command
pagdel Command
pagesize Command
paginit Command
paglist Command
panel20 Command
passwd Command
paste Command
patch Command
pathchk Command
pax Command
pcat Command
pdelay Command
pdisable Command
penable Command
pg Command
phold Command
pic Command
pick Command
ping Command
pioattred Command
piobe Command
pioburst Command
piocnvt Command
piodigest Command
piodmgr Command
piofontin Command
pioformat Command
piofquote Command
piolsvp Command
piomgpdev Command
piomkapqd Command
piomkpq Command
piomsg Command
pioout Command
piopredef Command
pkgadd Command
pkgask Command
pkgchk Command
pkginfo Command
pkgmk Command
pkgparam Command
pkgproto Command
pkgrm Command
pkgtrans Command
plotgbe Command
plotlbe Command
pmcycles Command
pop3d Daemon
portmap Daemon
portmir Command
post Command
pppattachd Daemon
pppcontrold Daemon
pppdial Command
pppstat Command
pprof Command
pr Command
prctmp Command
prdaily Command
preprpnode Command
prev Command
printenv Command
printf Command
proccred Command
processPtf Command
procfiles Command
procflags Command
procldd Command
procmap Command
procrun Command
procsig Command
procstack Command
procstop Command
proctree Command
procwait Command
procwdx Command
prof Command
proff Command
prompter Command
proto Command
proxymngr Command
prs Command (SCCS)
prtacct Command
prtconf Command
ps Command
ps4014 Command
ps630 Command
psc or psdit Command
pshare Command
psplot Command
psrev Command
psroff Command
pstart Command
pstat Command
ptfins command
ptfpkg Command
ptx Command
pwchange Command
pwck Command
pwd Command
pwdadm Command
pwdck Command
pwtokey Command
pxed Command
qadm Command
qcan Command
qchk Command
qdaemon Command
qhld Command
qmov Command
qosadd Command
qoslist Command
qosmod Command
qosremove Command
qosstat Command
qpri Command
qprt Command
qstatus Command
quiz Command
quot Command
quota Command
quotacheck Command
quotaon or quotaoff Command
ranlib Command
ras_logger Command
rc Command
rc.mobip6 Command
rc.powerfail Command
rcp Command
rcvdist Command
rcvpack Command
rcvstore Command
rcvtty Command
rdist Command
rdistd Command
rdump Command
read Command
readlvcopy Command
reboot or fastboot Command
recreatevg Command
redefinevg Command
reducevg Command
refer Command
refile Command
refresh Command
refrsrc Command
regcmp Command
rembak Command
remove Command
renice Command
reorgvg Command
repl Command
replacepv Command
repquota Command
reset Command
resize Command
restart-secldapclntd Command
restbase Command
restore Command
restorevgfiles Command
restvg Command
rev Command
revnetgroup Command
rexd Daemon
rexec Command
rexecd Daemon
rgb Command
ripquery Command
rlogin Command
rlogind Daemon
rm Command
rm_niscachemgr Command
rm_nisd Daemon
rm_nispasswdd Daemon
rmail Command
rmaudrec Command
rmC2admin Command
rmCCadmin Command
rmcctrl Command
rmclass Command
rmcomg Command
rmcondition Command
rmcondresp Command
rmdel Command
rmdev Command
rmdir Command
rmf Command
rmfilt Command
rmfs Command
rmgroup Command
rmitab Command
rmkeyserv Command
rmlv Command
rmlvcopy Command
rmm Command
rmnamsv Command
rmnfs Command
rmnfsexp Command
rmnfsmnt Command
rmnotify Command
rmpath Command
rmprtsv Command
rmps Command
rmqos Command
rmque Command
rmquedev Command
rmramdisk Command
rmresponse Command
rmrole Command
rmrpdomain Command
rmrpnode Command
rmrset Command
rmrsrc Command
rmsensor Command
rmserver Command
rmsock Command
rmss Command
rmssys Command
rmt Command
rmtcpip Command
rmtun Command
rmuser Command
rmvfs Command
rmvirprt Command
rmyp Command
rndc Command
rndc-confgen Command
roffbib Command
route Command
routed Daemon
rpc.nisd Daemon
rpc.nispasswdd Daemon
rpc.pcnfsd Daemon
rpcgen Command
rpcinfo Command
rrestore Command
Rsh Command
rsh or remsh Command
rshd Daemon
rstatd Daemon
rtl_enable Command
runacct Command
runcat Command
rup Command
ruptime Command
ruser Command
rusers Command
rusersd Daemon
rwall Command
rwalld Daemon
rwho Command
rwhod Daemon
Appendix. Notices

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