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Commands Reference, Volume 4

piofontin Command


Copies fonts from a multilingual font diskette.


piofontin -t PrinterType -c Codepage [ -d Device ]


The piofontin command copies font files from a multilingual font diskette to a directory one level beneath the /usr/lib/lpd/pio/fonts label. The directory to which the font files are copied has the name specified by the PrinterType parameter. The font files are named according to the naming convention for files. Names are of the form:


Only the root user can use the piofontin command.


-c Codepage Specifies the code page for the fonts. For Greek fonts the value is 851, and for Turkish fonts the value is 853.
-d Device Specifies the diskette-drive device name. This defaults to the -d/dev/fd0 label, the standard 3.5-inch diskette drive.
-t PrinterType Specifies the type of printer for the fonts. Supported printer types are 4201-3, 4202-3, 4207-2, 4208-2, 2380, 2381, 2390, and 2391.


To read a diskette containing 4201-3 fonts in code page 851 from diskette drive /dev/fd1; enter:

piofontin 4201-3 851 /dev/fd1

The font files are copied to the /usr/lib/lpd/pio/fonts/4201-3 directory.


/usr/sbin/piofontin Contains the piofontin command.

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