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Commands Reference, Volume 4

ps630 Command


Converts Diablo 630 print files to PostScript format.


ps630 [ -fBodyfont ] [ -pFile ] [ -sPitch ] [ -FBoldfont ] [ File ... ]


The ps630 command converts Diablo 630 format print files to PostScript format for printing on a PostScript printer. If no File variable is specified, the ps630 command reads from standard input. By default, the PostScript file is sent to the standard output.

The ps630 command can convert nroff files generated with the -Txerox flag. Typewheel emulation information can be specified as options. Font specifications (for bold and regular) are PostScript font names (such as Times-Roman, Times-Bold, Courier-Bold, Courier-BoldOblique). You can select 10, 12, or 15 characters per inch.

Some applications produce bold type by double-striking a character. This type of bolding is not translated into PostScript format. Only the bold effect produced by issuing the proper Diablo command sequence (Esc-O) results in bold characters.

The output of the ps630 command cannot be page-reversed. Times-Roman and Helvetica are narrow fonts that may look squeezed if no adjustment to the page width is made by the application.

The following Diablo 630 commands are not supported:


-fBodyfont Sets the font to be used for normal printing. The default is Courier.
-pFile Causes the PostScript file to be written to the file specified by the File parameter rather than to the standard output.
-sPitch Selects type size for printing (both the regular and bold fonts are scaled to this size). Pitch is in characters per inch and must be one of 10, 12, or 15. The default is 12.
-FBoldfont Sets the font to be used for bold type. The default is Courier-Bold.

International Character Support

See the NLSvec File for details related to character translation.

Environment Variable

PSLIBDIR Path name of a directory to use instead of the /usr/lib/ps directory for the ps630 prologue.


/usr/lib/ps Contains PostScript fonts.

Related Information

The enscript command, nroff command.

The NLSvec file.

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