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Commands Reference, Volume 4

ptfins command


Generates an inslist for a PTF from a list of files.


ptfins -f FileNamesList -o Option -i InslistFile


The output file is written in the current directory with the naming convention option.il. The ptfins command is invoked by the ptfpkg command. The ptfins command generates an inslist file from the FileNamesList and any entries in the option.inv_u file. The ptfins command searches the inslist file specified with the -i flag for the inslist entry associated with each file listed in FileNamesList. The inslist entry is included in the output inslist file.

The option.inv_u file contains inslist entries for inventory-only changes. Inventory-only changes are modifications that do not require a file to be shipped on the media. An example of an inventory-only change is a modification to the attribute or link information for a shipped file. If the file itself is not modified, then a new entry must be created in the inventory file for the update but it is not necessary to reship the file. The ptfins command reads the entries in the option.inv_u and writes an inventory-only entry to the output inslist file.


-f FileNamesList Specifies the location of a file containing the names of the shipped files to be included in the update.
-i InslistFile Specifies the location of the complete inslist file for the option.
-o Option Specifies the name of the option or fileset.

Note: All flags are required.

Environment Variables

BLDCYCLE Specifies the current build cycle. The build-cycle identifier identifies the build in which the PTF was created.
TOP Specifies that the $TOP environment variable is set to the base of the update tree. The PTF, HISTORY, and UPDATE directories exist relative to $TOP.


To generate an inslist file for option bos.adt.cls.lib, type:

ptfins -f ./FileNamesList -o bos.adt.cls.lib -i $TOP/UPDATE/$OPTION/bos.adt.cls.lib.il

Input Files

FileNamesList Specifies a list of shipped file names, one per line. The files listed in FileNamesList are those shipped files included in the update. The name of the file matches the name in the inslist file specified with the -i flag.
InslistFile Specifies the inslist file for the option or fileset. The ptfins command searches the inslist for each file listed in the FileNamesList.
$TOP/UPDATE/$OPTION/option.inv_u Specifies inslist entries that have been modified for an inventory-only update. The ptfins command reads the option.inv_u file and writes the modified inslist entry to its output file as an inventory-only entry. This file is optional.

Output File

option.il Specifies that the output file is an inslist with entries for all files in FileNamesList and all entries in option.inv_u.

Related Information

The ptfpkg command.

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