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Commands Reference, Volume 4

redefinevg Command


Redefines the set of physical volumes of the given volume group in the device configuration database.


redefinevg { -d Device | -i Vgid } VolumeGroup


During normal operations the device configuration database remains consistent with the Logical Volume Manager (LVM) information in the reserved area on the physical volumes. If inconsistencies occur between the device configuration database and the LVM, the redefinevg command determines which physical volumes belong to the specified volume group and re-enters this information in the device configuration database. The redefinevg command checks for inconsistencies by reading the reserved areas of all the configured physical volumes attached to the system.

Note: To use this command, you must either have root user authority or be a member of the system group.


-d Device The volume group ID, Vgid, is read from the specified physical volume device. You can specify the Vgid of any physical volume belonging to the volume group that you are redefining.
-i Vgid The volume group identification number of the volume group to be redefined.


To redefine rootvg physical volumes in the Device Configuration Database, enter a command similar to the following:

redefinevg -d hdisk0 rootvg


/usr/sbin/synclvodm Contains the synclvodm command.

Related Information

The varyonvg command, varyoffvg command, lsvg command.

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