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Commands Reference, Volume 4

rmsensor Command


Removes an event sensor command from the resource monitoring and control (RMC) subsystem.


rmsensor [-a | -n host1[,host2...]] [-v | -V] [-h] name1 [name2...]


The rmsensor command removes the sensor identified by name from RMC. This command returns the exit status and error messages of the underlying rmrsrc RMC command.

The rmsensor command can be run on the management server or on any node and normally operates on the local node where the command is run unless the CT_CONTACT environment variable is set to prevent this. If you want rmsensor to run on all of the nodes in a domain, use the CT_MANAGEMENT_SCOPE environment variable. See the Environment variables section for more information.

See the mksensor command for a more complete explanation of RMC sensors.


Removes sensors that match the specified name on all nodes in the domain.
-n host1[,host2...]
Specifies the node from which the sensor should be removed. By default, the sensor is removed from the local node. This flag is only appropriate in a management domain or a peer domain.
-v | -V
Writes the command's verbose messages to standard output. Use this flag to see the underlying RMC command that is being run. This can help to interpret error messages that are displayed.
Writes the command's usage statement to standard output.


name1 [name2...]
Specifies one or more names of sensors to remove.


The user needs write permission for the IBM.Sensor resource class in order to run rmsensor. Permissions are specified in the access control list (ACL) file on the contacted system. See the RSCT Guide and Reference for details on the ACL file and how to modify it.

Exit Status

The command has run successfully.
An incorrect combination of and parameters has been entered.
No resources were found.

If an error occurs in the RMC layer, the RMC return code will be returned as the exit status.

Environment Variables

When the CT_CONTACT environment variable is set to a host name or IP address, the command contacts the resource monitoring and control (RMC) daemon on the specified host. If this environment variable is not set, the command contacts the RMC daemon on the local system where the command is being run. The resource class or resources that are displayed or modified by the command are located on the system to which the connection is established.
Determines the management scope used for the command's RMC daemon session.

The valid values are:

Specifies local scope.
Specifies local scope.
Specifies peer domain scope.
Specifies management domain scope.

If this environment variable is not set, local scope is used.


  1. To remove the sensor named NumLog, enter:
    rmsensor NumLog


Contains the rmsensor command

Related Information

Commands: chsensor, lssensor, mksensor, rmrsrc

Books: see the RSCT Guide and Reference for information about the ACL authorization file.

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