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Commands Reference, Volume 4

procsig Command


Lists the signal actions defined by processes.


procsig [ ProcessID ] ...


The /proc filesystem provides a mechanism to control processes. It also gives access to information about the current state of processes and threads, but in binary form. The proctools commands provide ascii reports based on some of the available information.

Most of the commands take a list of process IDs or /proc/ProcessID strings as input. The shell expansion /proc/* can therefore be used to specify all processes in the system.

Each of the proctools commands gathers information from /proc for the specified processes and displays it to the user. The proctools commands like procrun and procstop start and stop a process using the /proc interface.

The information gathered by the commands from /proc is a snapshot of the current state of processes, and therefore can vary at any instant except for stopped processes.

The procsig command lists the signal actions defined by processes.


ProcessID Specifies the process id.


  1. To list all the signal actions defined for process 11928, enter:
    procsig 11928
    The output of this command might look like this:
    HUP         caught                   
    INT         caught                   
    QUIT        caught                   
    ILL         caught                   
    TRAP        caught                   
    ABRT        caught                   
    EMT         caught                   
    FPE         caught                   
    KILL        default  RESTART         
    BUS         caught                   
    SEGV        default             
    SYS         caught              
    PIPE        caught              
    ALRM        caught              
    TERM        ignored             
    URG         default             
    STOP        default             
    TSTP        ignored             
    CONT        default             
    CHLD        default             
    TTIN        ignored             
    TTOU        ignored             
    IO          default          
    XCPU        default          
    XFSZ        ignored          
    MSG         default          
    WINCH       default          
    PWR         default          
    USR1        caught           
    USR2        caught           
    PROF        default          
    DANGER      default          
    VTALRM      default          
    MIGRATE     default          
    PRE         default          
    VIRT        default          
    ALRM1       default          
    WAITING     default          
    CPUFAIL     default          
    KAP         default          
    RETRACT     default          
    SOUND       default          
    SAK         default


/proc Contains the /proc filesystem.

Related Information

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