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Commands Reference, Volume 4

procstop Command


Stops processes on the PR_REQUESTED event.


procstop [ ProcessID ] ...


The /proc filesystem provides a mechanism to control processes. It also gives access to information about the current state of processes and threads, but in binary form. The proctools commands provide ascii reports based on some of the available information.

Most of the commands take a list of process IDs or /proc/ProcessID strings as input. The shell expansion /proc/* can therefore be used to specify all processes in the system.

Each of the proctools commands gathers information from /proc for the specified processes and displays it to the user. The proctools commands like procrun and procstop start and stop a process using the /proc interface.

The information gathered by the commands from /proc is a snapshot of the current state of processes, and therefore can vary at any instant except for stopped processes.

The procstop command stops processes on the PR_REQUESTED event.


ProcessID Specifies the process id.


  1. To stop process 7500 on the PR_REQUESTED event, enter:
    procstop 7500


/proc Contains the /proc filesystem.

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