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Commands Reference, Volume 4

rmnfsexp Command


Unexports a directory from NFS clients.


/usr/sbin/rmnfsexp -d Directory [ -f Exports_file] [ -I | -B | -N ]


The rmnfsexp command removes an entry from the exports list for NFS clients. The rmnfsexp command starts the exportfs command to unexport the specified directory. If an entry exists in the /etc/exports file, that entry is removed.


-d Directory Specifies the directory to be unexported.
-f Exports_File Specifies the full pathname of the exports file to use if other than the /etc/exports file.
-I This flag directs the command to remove the entry from the /etc/exports file without executing the exportfs command.
-B Removes the entry in the /etc/exports file for the directory specified and executes the exportfs command to remove the export.
-N Unexports the directory immediately by invoking the exportfs command. The /etc/exports file is not modified with this flag.


  1. To unexport a directory immediately, type:

    rmnfsexp -d /usr -N

    In this example, the /usr directory is unexported immediately.

  2. To unexport a directory immediately and after every system restart, type:

    rmnfsexp -d /home/guest -B
  3. To unexport a directory immediately from an exports file other than the /etc/exports file, type:

    rmnfsexp -d /usr -f /etc/exports.other -N


/etc/exports Lists the directories that the server can export.
/etc/xtab Lists currently exported directories.
/etc/netgroup Contains information about each user group on the network.

Related Information

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