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Commands Reference, Volume 4

rcvdist Command


Sends a copy of incoming messages to additional recipients.


rcvdist [ -form File ] User ...


The rcvdist command forwards copies of incoming messages to users in addition to the original recipient. The rcvdist command is not started by a user. The rcvdist command is placed in the .maildelivery file called by the /usr/lib/mh/slocal command.

The rcvdist command sends a copy of an incoming message to the user or users specified by the User parameter. The default string is located in the rcvdistcomps file. This file formats the output from the command and sends it through the send command to the ID or alias specified.

You can copy the rcvdistcomps file into your local mail directory and change the string to suit your needs. The Message Handler (MH) package uses the rcvdistcomps file in your local mail directory first. Otherwise, you can use the -form flag to specify a file name that contains the string you want.


-form File Specifies the file that formats the command output. The default is the rcvdistcomps file.
-help Lists the command syntax, available switches (toggles), and version information.

Note: For MH, the name of this flag must be fully spelled out.


$HOME/.maildelivery Provides the user with MH instructions for local mail delivery.
$HOME/.forward Provides the user with the default message filter.

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The .mh_alias file format.

Mail Overview in AIX 5L Version 5.2 System User's Guide: Communications and Networks.

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