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Commands Reference, Volume 4

ranlib Command


Converts archive libraries to random libraries.


ranlib-t ] [  -X {32|64|32_64}] Archive ... 


The ranlib command converts each Archive library to a random library. A random library is an archive library that contains a symbol table.

If given the -t option, the ranlib command only touches the archives and does not modify them. This is useful after copying an archive or using the -t option of the make command in order to avoid having the ld command display an error message about an out-of-date symbol table.


-t Touches the named archives without modifying them.
-X mode Specifies the type of object file ranlib should examine. The mode must be one of the following:
Processes only 32-bit object files
Processes only 64-bit object files
Processes both 32-bit and 64-bit object files

The default is to process 32-bit object files (ignore 64-bit objects). The mode can also be set with the OBJECT_MODE environment variable. For example, OBJECT_MODE=64 causes ranlib to process any 64-bit objects and ignore 32-bit objects. The -X flag overrides the OBJECT_MODE variable.


To randomize the archive file genlib.a, enter:

ranlib genlib.a


/usr/ccs/bin/ranlib Contains the ranlib command.

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