First Edition (October 1997)



Motif and CDE Reference Topics

When to Use


Essential Related Topics

Supplemental Related Topics
Action (Choice Type)
Action Message
Active Window
Adjustment Techniques
Application Design Principles (CDE)
Area Adjust Click Technique
Area Adjust Swipe Technique
Area Click Technique
Area Swipe Technique
Browse Technique
Cancel (Action and Choice)
Cascading (Choice Type)
Change View (Choice)
Check Box (Control)
Clear (Action Choice)
Client Area
Close (Choice)
Combination Box (Control)
Combination Text-List Control (Control Type)
Command Area (Area)
Command Box (Control)
Component Activation (CDE)
Controls, Groups, and Models (CDE)
Container (Control)
Context-Sensitive Help
Control Navigation
Copy To (Dialog Choice)
Cut, Copy, Paste (Action Choice)
Data Transfer
Default Action
Delete (Action Choice)
Dialog (Choice Type)
Dialog (Window)
Direct Editing
Direct Manipulation
Drag-and-Drop Transfer
Drag/Move (Action Choice)
Drop-Down Combination Box (Control)
Drop-Down List (Control)
Edit (Menu)
Emphasis (Cue)
Exit (Choice)
File Menu
File Selection (Dialog)
Find (Choice and Dialog)
First-Letter Cursor Navigation
Gauge (Control)
Group Box
Group Heading (Label Type)
Help (Menu/Action Choice)
In-Progress Message
Include (Choice and Dialog)
Information and Message Areas (Area)
Information Message
Input Focus
Input Models (CDE)
Internal Navigation
Keyboard (Device)
List Box (Control)
Margin Selection Techniques
Maximize (Choice)
Menu (Control)
Menu Bar (Menu Type)
Menu Cascade Button (Control)
Menu Guidelines
Minimize (Choice)
Mouse (Device)
Move To (Dialog Choice)
Multilevel Selection Technique
Multipage Control (Control Type)
Navigation (CDE)
New (Action Choice)
New Window (Choice)
Notebook (Control)
Open (Choice)
Option Menu (Menu Type)
Options (Menu)
Palette Area (Area)
Paned Box (Control)
Persistent Cue
Point Technique
Pointer (Predefined)
Pop-Up Menu (Menu Type)
Prefix Completion
Prefix Navigation
Primary Transfer
Primary Window
Properties (Choice)
Pull-Down Menu (Menu Type)
Push Button (Control)
Push Button (Predefined)
Quick Transfer
Radio Button (Control)
Range Adjust Click Technique
Range Adjust Swipe Technique
Range Click Technique
Range Swipe Technique
Restore (Choice)
Sash (Control)
Save/Save As (Action Choice)
Scroll Bar (Control)
Secondary Window
Selected Menu
Selection (CDE)
Selection Box (Control)
Selection Dialog (Secondary Window)
Selection Models
Selection Modes
Selection Policies
Selection Techniques
Shortcut Key
Size (Choice)
Size Border (Control)
Slider (Control)
Sort (Choice and Dialog)
Spin Box (Control)
Spring-Loaded (Control Type)
Spring Sensitive (Mode)
Stacking Order
Static Text
Status Area (Area)
Tab Group
Tear-Off Menu (Menu Type) Tear-Off Choice (Choice Type)
Text-Display Field (Control)
Text-Entry Field (Control)
Text Field (Abstract Control)
Tool (Value Choice Type)
Touch Adjust Click Technique
Touch Adjust Swipe Technique
Touch Swipe Technique
Undo, Redo, Repeat (Action Choices)
Value (Choice Type)
Value Set (Control)
View Menu
Viewing Area (Control)
Warning Signal
Window (Menu)
Window Frame
Window Icon
Window Icon Box
Window Management (CDE)
Window Menu
Window Navigation
Window Title