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Motif and CDE 2.1 Style Guide Reference

Sort (Choice and Dialog)



The Sort choice can be either of the following:

  1. A cascading or dialog choice used to arrange the elements presented in a view in a specified order.

  2. A dialog that allows the user to specify the criteria used for sorting.

    Figure 63. Sort Choice.

    View figure.

  3. When to Use

    Provide a Sort choice in the View menu when it is useful to sort the elements that can be displayed within the view.


    When Sort is a cascading choice, list the various ways in which the current view can be sorted in the cascaded menu.

    When the user chooses Sort as a dialog choice, display a Sort dialog window that allows a user to specify the way in which the elements in the view are to be sorted.

    When adding new elements to a view, place them in the proper order with respect to the most recent criteria used for sorting the view.

    If an element is added to a group of sorted elements but its position is not currently visible, provide an indication that it was accepted. For example, increase the count displayed in the status area by one.

    When the contents of a view are to be sorted, indicate the sorting criteria in the status area.

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