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Motif and CDE 2.1 Style Guide Reference

Active Window



The active window is the window that currently has the input focus. The active window is indicated by emphasis displayed on its title bar and border, as specified by the operating environment.

Figure 3. Active Window.

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When to Use

Make the window that can currently receive keyboard input the active window.


If an explicit focus policy is in use, and an active secondary window is closed, move focus to the window that the active window is dependent on.

When a window receives input focus, provide a visible difference in the window's title bar. For example:

  1. Change the color of the active window's title bar and border to the color the user has specified for the operating environment.

  2. Increase the saturation of the title bar to signal the change for monochrome systems and in situations where the user might have difficulty distinguishing colors.

  3. Recommended
    When the user opens a window but switches input focus to another window before the requested window is displayed, do not display the previously requested window on top of the window that currently has the focus.

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