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Motif and CDE 2.1 Style Guide Reference

Pull-Down Menu (Menu Type)



A pull-down menu is a menu displayed from a cascading choice in a menu bar or a menu cascade button.

Figure 51. Pull-Down Menu.

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When to Use

Provide a pull-down menu for each choice on a menu bar, for the window menu button, and for each menu cascade button in your application.


If you provide choices that do not logically fit within any of the predefined pull-down menus, provide your own application-specific menu-bar choices that lead to menus in which you can include those choices.

Provide a unique shortcut key assignment for each frequently used application-specific choice in a pull-down menu or a menu cascaded from one.

You can augment action choices in pull-down menus (or menus cascaded from them) that refer to the current selection in a selection scope with the word "All" to apply the action to all selectable elements in the scope.

Essential Related Topics

For more information, see the Cascading (Choice Type), Menu Bar (Menu Type), and Menu Cascade Button (Control) reference pages.

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