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Motif and CDE 2.1 Style Guide Reference

Combination Box (Control)



A combination box is a combination text-list control in which both the text field and the list box are displayed permanently and in which the text field can be used for text entry. Figure 6 is an example of a combination box.

Figure 6. Combination Box.

View figure.

When to Use

Provide a combination box when the user can either choose from a set of commonly used predefined items in the list box for replacing the contents of the text field or enter values into a text-entry field that are not in the list box.

Do not use a combination box if the window in which the combination box is displayed is sized so that two items cannot be displayed in the list box. Instead, use a drop-down combination box.


Do not allow the list box in a combination box to take focus.

Essential Related Topics

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