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Motif and CDE 2.1 Style Guide Reference

Maximize (Choice)



Maximize is an action choice that enlarges a window to its largest possible size. If appropriate, the Maximize choice may also be represented by a maximize button in the title bar of a window.

When to Use

Provide a Maximize choice in the window menu when a user can change the size of a window.


Enlarge the window to the largest size possible for the current view when the user chooses Maximize from the window menu or its associated window icon.

Before maximizing a window, save its state (including its size and position) for use when the window is restored.

Do not make the Maximize choice available when the window is maximized.

If the user does not override the default maximum size of the window, make it smaller than the size of the workspace.

If you provide a Maximize choice, also provide a maximize button that implements the Maximize choice on the title bar when the window is not currently maximized, and the user has not specified otherwise.

Replace the maximize button with a restore button that implements the Restore choice when a window is maximized.

Essential Related Topics

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Supplemental Related Topics

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