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Motif and CDE 2.1 Style Guide Reference

Window (Menu)



The Window menu is a pull-down menu on the menu bar that contains choices for arranging, duplicating, and choosing instances of an application. The Window menu includes the following choices:

New Window
An action choice that creates a duplicate of the current window with the current application instance.

Arrangement Method
An action choice that arranges elements of the application in a unique method. Arrangement methods include arranging icons and cascading and resizing windows to display elements in a uniform way.

Application Instance
An action choice that displays an application instance. An application instance includes separate files, objects, or elements that are open in the application. When the user chooses an application instance, the application switches to it.

When to Use

Use the Window menu when your application can edit more than one file or object at the same time.

Use the Window menu when the user needs to duplicate the current window.


In conjunction with the Menu Guidelines reference page, use Table 30 to decide which of the choices listed to include in the Window menu, and how to organize them.

Table 30. Window Menu (Menu-Bar) Choices

Mnemonic Menu Choice
Required N New Window
Arrangement method
Application instance

Remove an application instance choice from the Window menu when the user closes it.

The application instance choice should be the same name as the file name or object name.

When the user chooses New Window from the Window menu, create a duplicate window with the current file or object, if possible.

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