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Motif and CDE 2.1 Style Guide Reference

Window Menu



The window menu is a pull-down menu that is accessed from the window menu button on the title bar of a window. It contains choices that affect the window and choices specific to the operating environment.

Figure 76. Window Menu.

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When to Use

Place all the choices that allow a user to change the properties of a window, such as its size and position, in the window menu.

Provide a window menu for each modeless window unless configured by the user or the application.


In conjunction with the Menu Guidelines reference page, use Table 33 to decide which of the choices listed to include in the window menu, and how to organize them.

Table 33. Window Menu Choices

Mnemonic Menu Choice Keyboard Function
Required R Restore
Required M Move
Required S Size
Required N Minimize
Required X Maximize
Optional F Refresh
Recommended L Lower
Remote Host
Required C Close Alt F4

If you provide a default menu item for the window menu, make it the Close choice, except for the window icon box's window menu.

Display the window menu for a window or for its corresponding window icon when it has input focus and the user presses Shift Esc or AltSpace. When the user presses these keys, remove the window menu if it is displayed.

Make the window menu the pop-up menu of the window icon.

Use a window's window menu as the pop-up menu of its window frame.

Design your application so that you or the user can add more choices (other than a tear-off choice) to its window menus.

When the user chooses the Refresh choice, update the window or screen to reflect the current state of the underlying data.

When the user chooses the Lower choice in a primary window, lower that window to the bottom of the stacking order. When the user chooses the Lower choice in a secondary window, lower the secondary window and it's primary window, when appropriate.

When the user chooses Remote Host, display an information message that contains information about the host on which the application (or task responsible for the data displayed in that window) is running. It should include, at the very least, the host name of the machine.

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