Fifth Edition (April 1994)


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Summary of Amendments

Chapter 1. Control Subroutines

Chapter 2. Output Primitives

Chapter 3. Attribute Structure Elements

Chapter 4. Miscellaneous Structure Elements

Chapter 5. Structure Operations

Chapter 6. Archive Subroutines

Chapter 7. Workstation Table Operations

Chapter 8. Display Subroutines

Chapter 9. Transformation Subroutines

Chapter 10. Input Subroutines

Chapter 11. Font Subroutines

Chapter 12. Image Subroutines

Chapter 13. Utility Subroutines

Chapter 14. Error Handling Subroutines

Chapter 15. Miscellaneous Subroutines

Chapter 16. Inquire Subroutines
WSL Inquiries
WDT Inquiries
PDT Inquiries
PSL Inquiries
NDT Inquiries
NSL Inquiries
SSL Inquiries
Archive Inquiries
GPELS - Element Search
GPQAAF - Inquire Advanced Attribute Facilities
GPQACA - Inquire All Conflicting Structures in Archive
GPQACS - Inquire All Conflicting Structures in Structure Store
GPQAI - Inquire List of Available Application Image Formats
GPQAMO - Inquire Available Antialiasing Modes
GPQANF - Inquire Annotation Facilities
GPQAR - Inquire Set of Associated Roots
GPQARF - Inquire Archive Files
GPQART - Inquire Rendering Targets
GPQASV - Inquire Archive State Value
GPQATR - Inquire List of Attached Resources
GPQBK - Inquire Break Capabilities
GPQBKS - Inquire Break Action State
GPQCCH - Inquire Color Table Characteristics
GPQCDF - Inquire Curve Display Facilities
GPQCEV - Inquire Current Event
GPQCF - Inquire Color Facilities
GPQCH - Inquire Choice Device State
GPQCID - Inquire List of Color Table Identifiers
GPQCML - Inquire Color Model
GPQCMM - Inquire List of Available Connection Methods
GPQCNA - Inquire Conflicting Structures in Network in Archive
GPQCNC - Inquire List of Connected Nuclei
GPQCNR - Inquire Conflict Resolution
GPQCPF - Inquire Color Processing Facilities
GPQCPR - Inquire Color Processing Representation
GPQCQM - Inquire Available Color Quantization Methods
GPQCS - Inquire Character Set Identifier
GPQCSF - Inquire Cull Size Facilities
GPQCSN - Inquire All Conflicting Structures in Network in Structure Store
GPQCSR - Inquire Cull Size Representation
GPQCUF - Inquire Cursor Facilities
GPQCVE - Inquire Current View Table Entries Input
GPQCVO - Inquire Current View Table Entries Output
GPQCVR - Inquire Current View Representation
GPQDBK - Inquire Default Break Action
GPQDCF - Inquire Depth Cue Facilities
GPQDCH - Inquire Default Choice Device Data
GPQDCM - Inquire Direct Color Model
GPQDCR - Inquire Depth Cue Representation
GPQDDV - Inquire Default Deferral State Values
GPQDIT - Inquire Default Input Device Triggers
GPQDLC - Inquire Default Locator Device Data
GPQDMR - Inquire Data Mapping Representation
GPQDPK - Inquire Default Pick Device Data
GPQDS - Inquire Maximum Display Surface Size
GPQDSK - Inquire Default Stroke Device Data
GPQDST - Inquire Default String Device Data
GPQDV - Inquire Deferral and Update State Values
GPQDVL - Inquire Default Valuator Device Data
GPQED - Inquire List of Element Data
GPQEDA - Inquire List of Element Data for any Structure
GPQEDM - Inquire Edit Mode
GPQEF - Inquire Edge Facilities
GPQEHA - Inquire List of Element Headers for any Structure
GPQEHD - Inquire List of Element Headers
GPQEMO - Inquire Error Handling Mode
GPQEMS - Inquire Error Message
GPQEP - Inquire Element Pointer
GPQES - Inquire List of Available Escape Subroutines
GPQEXS - Inquire Executed Structures
GPQFAR - Inquire Font Aspect Ratios
GPQFBC - Inquire Frame Buffer Characteristics
GPQFCH - Inquire Font Characteristics
GPQFO - Inquire Active Fonts
GPQFP - Inquire Font Pool Size
GPQGD - Inquire List of Generalized Drawing Primitives
GPQGDP - Inquire Generalized Drawing Primitive
GPQGFC - Inquire Geometric Font Characteristics
GPQGSE - Inquire List of Available GSEs
GPQHD - Inquire Maximum Hierarchy Depth
GPQHF - Inquire Hatch Facilities
GPQHLF - Inquire Highlighting Filter
GPQHMO - Inquire Available HLHSR Modes
GPQHR - Inquire Hatch Representation
GPQIBC - Inquire Image Board Characteristics
GPQIBF - Inquire Image Board Facilities
GPQICH - Inquire Image Characteristics
GPQICS - Inquire Input Character Set
GPQID - Inquire Input Device State
GPQIDD - Inquire Input Device Description
GPQIDF - Inquire Image Definition Facilities
GPQIF - Inquire Interior Facilities
GPQIMC - Inquire Image Mapping Characteristics
GPQIMF - Inquire Image Mapping Facilities
GPQIMI - Inquire Image Mapping of Image
GPQIMV - Inquire Image Mapping on View
GPQIMW - Inquire Image Mapping on Workstation
GPQIQO - Inquire Input Queue Overflow
GPQISF - Inquire Input Character Set Facilities
GPQISN - Inquire Identifiers of Structures in Network
GPQIT - Inquire Input Trigger Capabilities
GPQITS - Inquire Input Device Trigger State
GPQIVF - Inquire Invisibility Filter
GPQIW - Inquire List of Images on the Workstation
GPQLC - Inquire Locator Device State
GPQLCF - Inquire List of Color Facilities
GPQLI - Inquire List of Logical Input Devices
GPQLNR - Inquire List of Line Rendering Styles
GPQLSF - Inquire Light Source Facilities
GPQLSR - Inquire Light Source Representation
GPQLTF - Inquire Linetype Facilities
GPQLTR - Inquire Linetype Representation
GPQLW - Inquire Length of Workstation State Tables
GPQMDS - Inquire Mapped Display Surface Size
GPQMTF - Inquire Marker Type Facilities
GPQMTR - Inquire Marker Type Representation
GPQNCC - Inquire Nucleus Connection State
GPQNCE - Inquire Nucleus Environment
GPQNCN - Inquire Number of Available Class Names
GPQNCR - Inquire Nucleus Resource Identifier
GPQNCS - Inquire Available Nucleus Storage Size
GPQNS - Inquire Nucleus Specification
GPQNSP - Inquire Number of Structure Priorities Supported
GPQNST - Inquire Number of Secondary Triggers
GPQNV - Inquire Number of Definable View Table Entries
GPQOPS - Inquire Open Structure
GPQOPW - Inquire Set of Open Workstations
GPQPAF - Inquire Pattern Facilities
GPQPAR - Inquire Pattern Representation
GPQPAS - Inquire Ancestors of Structure
GPQPCR - Inquire Predefined Color Representation
GPQPCS - Inquire Primary Character Set
GPQPDC - Inquire Physical Device Characteristics
GPQPDS - Inquire Descendants of Structure
GPQPER - Inquire Predefined Edge Representation
GPQPIR - Inquire Predefined Interior Representation
GPQPK - Inquire Pick Device State
GPQPKA - Inquire Pick Aperture
GPQPKT - Inquire Pick Measure Type
GPQPLF - Inquire Polyline Facilities
GPQPLR - Inquire Predefined Polyline Representation
GPQPMF - Inquire Polymarker Facilities
GPQPMR - Inquire Predefined Polymarker Representation
GPQPO - Inquire Available Pixel Operations
GPQPPR - Inquire Predefined Pattern Representation
GPQPTR - Inquire Predefined Text Representation
GPQRCM - Inquire Available Rendering Color Models
GPQRCT - Inquire Realized Connection and Type
GPQRST - Inquire Referencing Structures
GPQRV - Inquire Set of Roots in View
GPQRVE - Inquire Requested View Table Entries Input
GPQRVO - Inquire Requested View Table Entries Output
GPQRVR - Inquire Requested View Representation
GPQSDF - Inquire Surface Display Facilities
GPQSEV - Inquire More Simultaneous Events
GPQSH - Inquire Shell Identifier
GPQSHD - Inquire Shell Deferral State
GPQSID - Inquire List of Socket Identifiers
GPQSK - Inquire Stroke Device State
GPQSPD - Inquire Source Physical Device
GPQSPL - Inquire Shell Product Level
GPQSSS - Inquire Selected Structure Store
GPQST - Inquire String Device State
GPQSTI - Inquire Structure Identifiers
GPQSTS - Inquire Structure Status
GPQSTV - Inquire Structure State Value
GPQSYV - Inquire System State Value
GPQTDF - Inquire Trimming Curve Display Facilities
GPQTMO - Inquire Available Transparency Modes
GPQVF - Inquire View Facilities
GPQVL - Inquire Valuator Device State
GPQVR - Inquire Set of View Which Contain Root
GPQWC - Inquire Workstation Category
GPQWD - Inquire Workstation Display Classification
GPQWDT - Inquire Workstation Description
GPQWSA - Inquire Set of Workstations to Which Associated
GPQWSU - Inquire Workstation Storage Utilization
GPQWSV - Inquire Workstation State Value
GPQWSX - Inquire Workstation Transformation
GPQWTN - Inquire List of Available Workstation Types on Nucleus
GPQWTO - Inquire Workstation Type and Options
GPQXAF - Inquire Extended Annotation Font Characteristics
GPQXCF - Inquire Extended Color Facilities
GPQXCR - Inquire Extended Color Representation
GPQXER - Inquire Extended Edge Representation
GPQXIR - Inquire Extended Interior Representation
GPQXLR - Inquire Extended Polyline Representation
GPQXMR - Inquire Extended Polymarker Representation
GPQXTR - Inquire Extended Text Representation
GPQXTX - Inquire Extended Text Facilities
GPRAS - Retrieve Ancestors to Structures
GPRDS - Retrieve Descendants to Structures
GPRISN - Retrieve Identifiers of Structures in Network
GPRSTI - Retrieve Structure Identifiers

Chapter 17. Compatibility Subroutines

Chapter 18. Distributed Application Processing (DAP)

Appendix A. Character Set and Font Identifiers

Appendix B. Error Processing

Appendix C. Error-to-Subroutine Reference