Fifth Edition (April 1994)


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Summary of Amendments

Chapter 1. Control Subroutines

Chapter 2. Output Primitives

Chapter 3. Attribute Structure Elements
GPAAL - Set Annotation Alignment
GPADCN - Add Class Name to Set
GPAH - Set Annotation Height
GPAHSC - Set Annotation Height Scale Factor
GPAID - Set Antialiasing Identifier
GPAPT - Set Annotation Path
GPAS - Set Annotation Style
GPASF - Attribute Source Flag Setting
GPAUP - Set Annotation Up Vector
GPBBLF - Set Back Blending Function
GPBDFM - Set Back Data Filtering Method
GPBDMI - Set Back Data Mapping Index
GPBDM2 - Set Back Data Matrix 2
GPBICD - Set Back Interior Color Direct
GPBICI - Set Back Interior Color Index
GPBISM - Set Back Interior Shading Method
GPBLF - Set Blending Function
GPBRMO - Set Back Reflectance Model
GPBSCD - Set Back Specular Color Direct
GPBSCI - Set Back Specular Color Index
GPBSPR - Set Back Surface Properties
GPBTCO - Set Back Transparency Coefficient
GPCAC - Set Curve Approximation Criteria
GPCHH - Set Character Height
GPCHLS - Set Character Line Scale Factor
GPCHPM - Set Character Positioning Mode
GPCHSP - Set Character Spacing
GPCHUB - Set Character Up and Base Vectors
GPCHUP - Set Character Up Vector
GPCHXP - Set Character Expansion Factor
GPCPI - Set Color Processing Index
GPDCI - Set Depth Cue Index
GPDFM - Set Data Filtering Method
GPDMI - Set Data Mapping Index
GPDM2 - Set Data Matrix 2
GPECD - Set Edge Color Direct
GPECI - Set Edge Color Index
GPEF - Set Edge Flag
GPEI - Set Edge Index
GPELT - Set Edge Linetype
GPESC - Set Edge Scale Factor
GPFBC - Set Frame Buffer Comparison
GPFBM - Set Frame Buffer Protect Mask
GPFDMO - Set Face Distinguish Mode
GPFLM - Set Face Lighting Method
GPHID - Set HLHSR Identifier
GPHLCD - Set Highlighting Color Direct
GPHLCI - Set Highlighting Color Index
GPICD - Set Interior Color Direct
GPICI - Set Interior Color Index
GPII - Set Interior Index
GPIS - Set Interior Style
GPISI - Set Interior Style Index
GPISM - Set Interior Shading Method
GPLLCD - Set Line-on-Line Color Direct
GPLLCI - Set Line-on-Line Color Index
GPLMO - Set Lighting Calculation Mode
GPLSS - Set Light Source State
GPLT - Set Linetype
GPLWSC - Set Linewidth Scale Factor
GPMSSC - Set Marker Size Scale Factor
GPMT - Set Marker Type
GPPGC - Set Polygon Culling
GPPHEC - Set Polyhedron Edge Culling
GPPKID - Set Pick Identifier
GPPLCD - Set Polyline Color Direct
GPPLCI - Set Polyline Color Index
GPPLET - Set Polyline End Type
GPPLI - Set Polyline Index
GPPLSM - Set Polyline Shading Method
GPPMCD - Set Polymarker Color Direct
GPPMCI - Set Polymarker Color Index
GPPMI - Set Polymarker Index
GPPSC - Parametric Surface Characteristics
GPRCN - Remove Class Name from Set
GPRMO - Set Reflectance Model
GPSAC - Set Surface Approximation Criteria
GPSCD - Set Specular Color Direct
GPSCI - Set Specular Color Index
GPSPR - Set Surface Properties
GPTCAC - Set Trimming Curve Approximation Criteria
GPTCO - Set Transparency Coefficient
GPTXAL - Set Text Alignment
GPTXCD - Set Text Color Direct
GPTXCI - Set Text Color Index
GPTXFO - Set Text Font
GPTXI - Set Text Index
GPTXPR - Set Text Precision
GPTXPT - Set Text Path
GPVWI - Set View Index
GPZBM - Set Z-Buffer Protect Mask

Chapter 4. Miscellaneous Structure Elements

Chapter 5. Structure Operations

Chapter 6. Archive Subroutines

Chapter 7. Workstation Table Operations

Chapter 8. Display Subroutines

Chapter 9. Transformation Subroutines

Chapter 10. Input Subroutines

Chapter 11. Font Subroutines

Chapter 12. Image Subroutines

Chapter 13. Utility Subroutines

Chapter 14. Error Handling Subroutines

Chapter 15. Miscellaneous Subroutines

Chapter 16. Inquire Subroutines

Chapter 17. Compatibility Subroutines

Chapter 18. Distributed Application Processing (DAP)

Appendix A. Character Set and Font Identifiers

Appendix B. Error Processing

Appendix C. Error-to-Subroutine Reference