Fifth Edition (April 1994)


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Summary of Amendments

Chapter 1. Control Subroutines

Chapter 2. Output Primitives

Chapter 3. Attribute Structure Elements

Chapter 4. Miscellaneous Structure Elements

Chapter 5. Structure Operations

Chapter 6. Archive Subroutines
GPARAS - Archive All Structures
GPARSN - Archive Structure Networks
GPARST - Archive Structures
GPCNRS - Set Conflict Resolution
GPDASA - Delete All Structures from Archive
GPDSAR - Delete Structures from Archive
GPDSNA - Delete Structure Networks from Archive
GPRVAS - Retrieve All Structures
GPRVSN - Retrieve Structure Networks
GPRVST - Retrieve Structures

Chapter 7. Workstation Table Operations

Chapter 8. Display Subroutines

Chapter 9. Transformation Subroutines

Chapter 10. Input Subroutines

Chapter 11. Font Subroutines

Chapter 12. Image Subroutines

Chapter 13. Utility Subroutines

Chapter 14. Error Handling Subroutines

Chapter 15. Miscellaneous Subroutines

Chapter 16. Inquire Subroutines

Chapter 17. Compatibility Subroutines

Chapter 18. Distributed Application Processing (DAP)

Appendix A. Character Set and Font Identifiers

Appendix B. Error Processing

Appendix C. Error-to-Subroutine Reference