Fifth Edition (April 1994)


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Summary of Amendments

Chapter 1. Control Subroutines

Chapter 2. Output Primitives

Chapter 3. Attribute Structure Elements

Chapter 4. Miscellaneous Structure Elements

Chapter 5. Structure Operations

Chapter 6. Archive Subroutines

Chapter 7. Workstation Table Operations

Chapter 8. Display Subroutines

Chapter 9. Transformation Subroutines

Chapter 10. Input Subroutines

Chapter 11. Font Subroutines

Chapter 12. Image Subroutines

Chapter 13. Utility Subroutines

Chapter 14. Error Handling Subroutines

Chapter 15. Miscellaneous Subroutines

Chapter 16. Inquire Subroutines

Chapter 17. Compatibility Subroutines
GPCR - Set Color Representation
GPEPLB - Set Element Pointer at Label
GPEPPK - Set Element Pointer at Pick Identifier
GPER - Set Edge Representation
GPIR - Set Interior Representation
GPPLR - Set Polyline Representation
GPPMR - Set Polymarker Representation
GPQABK - Inquire Actual Break Capabilities
GPQACF - Inquire Actual Color Facilities
GPQADS - Inquire Actual Maximum Display Surface Size
GPQAEF - Inquire Actual Edge Facilities
GPQAES - Inquire List of Actual Available Escape Subroutines
GPQAFC - Inquire Annotation Font Characteristics
GPQAFP - Inquire Actual Font Pool Size
GPQAGD - Inquire List of Actual Generalized Drawing Primitives
GPQAIF - Inquire Actual Interior Facilities
GPQAIS - Inquire Actual Input Character Set Facilities
GPQAIT - Inquire Actual Input Trigger Capabilities
GPQALF - Inquire Actual Polyline Facilities
GPQALI - Inquire List of Actual Logical Input Devices
GPQALW - Inquire Actual Length of Workstation State Tables
GPQAMF - Inquire Actual Polymarker Facilities
GPQANV - Inquire Actual Number of Definable View Table Entries
GPQAPF - Inquire Actual Pattern Facilities
GPQAPS - Inquire Actual Primary Character Set
GPQAVF - Inquire Actual View Facilities
GPQAWC - Inquire Actual Workstation Category
GPQAWD - Inquire Actual Workstation Display Classification
GPQCR - Inquire Color Representation
GPQCVX - Inquire Current Viewing Transformation
GPQE - Inquire Element Content
GPQER - Inquire Edge Representation
GPQETS - Inquire Element Type and Size
GPQIR - Inquire Interior Representation
GPQLR - Inquire Polyline Representation
GPQMR - Inquire Polymarker Representation
GPQRVX - Inquire Requested Viewing Transformation
GPQSTE - Inquire Structure Existence
GPQTR - Inquire Text Representation
GPQTXF - Inquire Text Facilities
GPQWCT - Inquire Workstation Connection and Type
GPQWCV - Inquire Workstation Configuration Variability
GPQWST - Inquire List of Available Workstation Types
GPTXR - Set Text Representation
GPVCH - Set View Characteristics
GPVMP2 - Set View Mapping 2
GPVMP3 - Set View Mapping 3
GPVMT2 - Set View Matrix 2
GPVMT3 - Set View Matrix 3

Chapter 18. Distributed Application Processing (DAP)

Appendix A. Character Set and Font Identifiers

Appendix B. Error Processing

Appendix C. Error-to-Subroutine Reference