Creating Volumes

Creating Extruded Volumes
Creating Revolution Volumes
Creating Multi-Sections Volumes
Creating Swept Volumes
Creating a Thick Surface
Creating a Close Surface
Creating a Draft
Creating a Variable Angle Draft
Creating a Draft from Reflect Lines
Creating a Shell
Creating a Sew Surface
Creating Thicknesses
Adding Volumes
Removing Volumes
Intersecting Volumes
Trimming Volumes
Inserting A Body In An Added Volume


The Volumes Toolbar is only available with the Generative Shape Optimizer product.

Color of volumetric features

  Volumetric features are displayed in purple in the 3D geometry as well as their corresponding icons in the 3D geometry.

Creation of volumetric features

Volumetric features can be created in both Geometrical Set and Ordered Geometrical Set environments and are considered as creation features.

Modification of volumetric features

  Several modification features enable to modify a volumetric feature into another volumetric feature:

General Behavior

  The following commands can be used with volumetric features:
  • Delete
  • Deactivate/Activate
  • Parent/Children
  • Datum mode
  • Reorder (note that it is not possible to reorder the volumetric feature before its parents)
  • Replace (a volumetric feature can only be replaced by another volumetric feature)
  • Show/no show
  • Stacking
  • Search: ''Volume geometry'' type

Selection of Volumes

  When working with volumes or solids, the selection of the volume or solid prevails over the selection of a face. Edges and vertices can still be directly selected.
  Here are the concerned commands:
  • Affinity
  • Axis To Axis
  • Intersect
  • Project
  • Rotate
  • Scaling
  • Split
  • Symmetry
  • Translate
  • Trim

To select a sub-element, you need to apply the ''Geometrical Element'' filter in the User Selection Filter toolbar. You can activate this toolbar by selecting the View -> Toolbars command and clicking User Selection Filter.


  • The icons on the left lets you filter elements according to their type (point, curve, surface, volume)
  • The next two icons correspond to the filter modes:
    • the ''Feature Element Filter'' selects the whole feature whether it is a sketch, product, pad, join, etc.
    • the ''Geometrical Element Filter'' enables to sub-elements of a feature such as faces, edges or vertices
  For further information about this toolbar, refer to the Selecting Using A Filter chapter in the CATIA Infrastructure User's Guide.
Auto-intersections can occur: all of them may not be supported.