The Interactive Drafting workbench lets you manipulate annotations.

Note that in order to be consistent with the way commands have been grouped in toolbars and sub-toolbars, the following tasks are documented in the Manipulating Dimensions chapter:


You can associate an annotation to a 2D or 3D element. Yet, in case the element is deleted, the annotation remains in the drawing even when performing an update.


Before you begin: You should be familiar with basic concepts such as setting the properties of a text (font style, size, justification, etc.), using default values, and specifying the position and/ or orientation of a text.
Create a free text: Create a text that either wraps or not, that is assigned an unlimited width text frame, even though this text may reach the frame boundary.
Create an associated text: Create a text which you want to be and remain associated to an existing element.
Make an existing annotation associative: At any time and once an annotation has been created, you can add a link between an annotation and another element.
Create a text with a leader: Create a text with a leader either in the free space or associated with an element.
  Blank Annotations: Blank area fill and geometry around the annotation text string.
Add a leader to an existing annotation: Add a leader to an annotation that was previously created.
Handle annotation leaders: Add or remove breakpoints, extremity or interruptions. Move and position leader breakpoints.
  Add frames and sub-frames to existing text: Add a frame or a sub-frame to a text that was previously created.
Replicate a text and attribute: Replicate text as well as the corresponding text attribute.
Copy text graphical properties: Copy the text graphical properties of an annotation or element to other elements.
Create a datum target: Create a datum target on a view.
Modify a datum target: Modify a datum target by editing it in a dialog box.
Create a balloon: Create a balloon using a dialog box. 
Creating an associative balloon on a generated product view: Create associative balloons on views generated from a product.
Modify a balloon: Modify a balloon using a dialog box.
Create a roughness symbol: Create a roughness using a dialog box.
Create a geometry weld: Create a geometry weld symbol.
Create a welding symbol: Create a welding symbol using a dialog box.
Modify annotation positioning: Assign new positioning to existing annotations.
Create/modify a table: Create, edit and modify a table.
Find/replace text: Locate and then, if needed, replace  strings of characters.
Perform an advanced search: Use the advanced search command.
Query annotation links: Query annotation links in a drawing.
Adding attribute links to text: Add one or more attribute links between text that was previously created.