Specification Tree

The specification tree portion specific to Digitized Shape Editor looks like this:
  • When you import a cloud of points, it is created in an Geometrical Set. The results of the following actions are placed in this Geometrical Set, by default. You can create other Geometrical Sets or Groups to order the elements according to your needs.
  • The icon indicates that the element is a cloud of points.
  • The name of an element is made of the name of the action and a number, except for the import where the name of the input file is kept..
Icon Action Icon Action
Geometrical Sets Group
Import Mesh Creation
Flip Edges Mesh Smoothing
Create Scans on Cloud Project Curves
Merge Clouds  Merge Meshes 
Split a Mesh or a Cloud Planar Sections
Split in Mesh Cleaner Trim/Split
Offset  Rough Offset
3D Curve Create Free Edges
Curve on Mesh    
Symmetry Curve from Scans
Scaling Axis to Axis
Translate Rotate
Distance Analysis Affinity