Insert Menu

This section presents the Insert menu bar available when you run the application, only commands related to Assembly Design are presented:

For... See...
Coincidence... Creating a Coincidence Constraint
Contact... Creating a Contact Constraint
Offset... Creating an Offset Constraint
Angle... Creating an Angle Constraint
Fix Together... Fixing Components Together
Fix Fixing a Component
Quick Constraint Using the Quick Constraint Command
Reuse Pattern... Using a Part Design Pattern
Create Enhanced Scene... Creating an Enhanced Scene
Fast Multi-Instantiation Fast Multi-Instantiation
Define Multi-Instantiation Defining a Multi-Instantiation
Annotations Jump to Annotations Sub-Menu
Assembly Features Jump to Assembly Features Sub-Menu
Symmetry Performing a Symmetry

Annotations Sub-Menu

For... See...
Weld Feature Creating Weld Features
Text with Leader Text Sub-Menu
Flag Note with Leader Flag Note Sub-Menu
View/Annotation Planes Creating a Projection View/Annotation Plane

Text Sub-Menu

For... See...
Text with Leader Creating a Text With Leader
Text Creating a Text
Text Parallel To Screen Creating a Text Parallel To Screen

Flag Note Sub-Menu

For... See...
Flag Note with Leader Creating a Flag Note With Leader
Flag Note Creating a Flag Note

Views/Annotation Planes Sub-Menu

For... See...
Front View Creating a Front View
Section View/Annotation Plane Creating a Section View/Annotation Plane
Section Cut/Annotation Plane Creating a Section Cut View/Annotation Plane

Assembly Features Sub-Menu

For... See...
Split Assembly Split
Hole Assembly Hole
Pocket Assembly Pocket
Remove Assembly Remove
Add Assembly Add