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Getting Started

Entering the Workbench

Recognizing a Hole Manually

Recognizing a Fillet Manually

Editing the Part

User Tasks

Recognizing Features Manually

Recognizing a Fillet

Recognizing a Hole

Recognizing a Chamfer

Recognizing a Groove

Recognizing a Shaft

Recognizing a Pocket or a Pad

Recognizing a Boolean Feature

Recognizing a Draft

Recognizing Features Automatically

Recognizing Fillets, Chamfers and Holes Automatically

Recognizing Features Automatically Using the Local Mode

Working on Complex Parts

Identifying the Constant Fillets and Rounds of a Part

Analyzing the Constant Fillets and Rounds of a Part

Simplifying a Part

Reworking a Part

Making the Most of the Application

Workbench Description

Part Design Feature Recognition Toolbar