Recognizing a Hole Manually 

Recognizing a feature means recreating the initial specifications for this feature. In this task you will learn how to manually recreate the cavity specifications.
  1. Click the Manual Feature Recognition icon .
    The Feature Recognition dialog box that appears displays a list of features you can recognize. 

    Using this product release, the features you can recognize are the following ones:

    • Pad
    • Pocket
    • Hole
    • Fillet
    • Chamfer
    • Shaft
    • Groove
    • Boolean
    • Draft
  2. Check the Hole option.

  3. Select the inner face of the cavity as the feature which specifications you wish to recognize. 
    In the "Selected Objects" field, "Face<1>" is displayed.

  4. Click Apply to perform the operation.
    Once the operation has been performed, Hole.1 is added to the specification tree, meaning that it is now possible to access the hole's specifications and therefore edit it.

  • The application now does no longer show the hole because Solid.1 is automatically defined as the current object.
  • To see the whole geometry, you simply need to close the dialog box and set Body.1 as the new current object.

More About the Recognition Process

  • Annotations, publications and constraints are not recognized during a recognition operation.
  • Sketches are created as positioned and they are not associative. To make them associative, you need to associate to them a planar face or a plane as a support.