Prismatic Machining Preparation Assistant



What's New?

Getting Started

Open the Design Part and Start the Workbench

Automatically Create All Machinable Features

Open the Manufacturing View

Browse Axial Machinable Features and Machining Patterns

Browse Prismatic Machining Areas

User Tasks

Globally Create All Machinable Features

Locally Create Machinable Features

Create an Axial Operation on a Machinable Feature

Create a Milling Operation on a Machinable Feature

Select Machinable Features Using the Search Command

Automatically Create Machining Patterns

Create a Machining Pattern on Machinable Features

Create a Machining Process for Machinable Features

Apply a Machining Process on Machinable Features

Merge Co-axial Holes with Same Diameter

Associativity of Prismatic Machining Area

Workbench Description


Reference Information

Prismatic Machining Area Features

Axial Machinable Features