Select Machinable Features Using the Search Command

task target This task shows you how to select machinable features by means of search criteria. Features selected in this way can be used for:
  • creating machining operations
  • machining processes
  • machining patterns.
task target Open the Manufacturing View with the result of the Globally Create All Machinable Features task.
scenario 1. Select the Edit>Search command or run the command using the Ctrl+F shortcut.

The Search dialog box appears.

2. Select the Advanced tab. 
3. Set the Workbench, Type and Attribute search criteria as shown below.

4. To find all axial machinable features with a counterbore diameter of at least 10mm, specify the following search criteria in the dialog box that appears.

Click OK.


Click the Search icon. The search result is displayed in the dialog box.

6. Click OK to select all the features corresponding to the search criteria.
They are highlighted in the Part and in the Manufacturing View.
scenario A description of all feature attributes is given in  Prismatic Machining Areas and Axial Machining Features.

end of task