Apply a Machining Process
on Machinable Features

task target This task shows how to apply a machining process on machinable features.
Open the desired CATPart document, then select the desired Machining workbench from the Start menu.

The PPR tree is initialized with a Manufacturing Program, which is empty.

scenario 1. Select the Open Catalog icon and open the catalog you created in the previous task:

Double click the Machining Process family: Machining Processes

3. Double click the Machining Process to be applied: Machining Process1.

The Insert Object dialog box appears allowing you to apply the machining process.
4. Select the geometry to be machined. Just select the machining pattern Hole Orientation 2 from the Manufacturing View.

The four counterbore holes of the selected pattern are highlighted.

5. Select the Manufacturing Program in the PPR tree as the insertion level.

Then click OK in the Insert Object dialog box.

6. The program is updated with the following operations:
  • Drilling
  • Counterboring
  • Reaming.

These operations reference the selected geometry and make use of the formula and checks defined in the machining process. In addition, the tool queries are resolved so that each operation references the desired tool.

  If you create a second Manufacturing Program, and you apply the machining process to the other machining pattern that contains two simple holes, the following result is obtained:

Drilling and Reaming are created. No Counterboring operation is created because the machining features to be machined are simple holes.

A warning is issued for the Reaming operation because the formula in the reference Reaming operation of the machining process included counterbore attributes.


end of task