Browse a Prismatic Machining Area

task target This task shows you how to browse prismatic machining areas.
scenario 1. In the Manufacturing View, select one of the created prismatic machining areas as follows:

In the example above, the selected feature is a complex step.
It is highlighted in the 3D view.

2. Double click the feature in the tree.
A dialog box appears showing its characteristics.

note   A Parameters button is available for pocket machining area features only.
Click this button to display a pop-up panel showing the feature parameters such as Maximum channel width, Minimum channel width, Minimum corner radius, Depth and Bottom fillet radius.

If the parameters for the particular feature have not already been computed, they are computed and displayed on the pop-up panel.

Note that parameters are not computed for guides selected by means of the Sectioning contextual command.

    The created features can now be machined as described in the User Tasks section.

end of task