Create a Milling Operation
on a Prismatic Machining Area

task target This task shows you how to create a pocketing operation on a prismatic machining area.
task target You can make use of the Complex Step feature created in the Locally Create a Machinable Feature task.
scenario 1. Select the Manufacturing View icon in the Machining Features toolbar.

Use the Sort by Machining Features contextual command to display the desired view.

2. Select the Complex Step feature in the view.
3. Select the Pocketing icon . The Pocketing dialog box appears.
4. The operation is initialized with the feature geometry as well as default parameters for machining strategy, feeds and speeds, and tool.

You can edit any of these values, if desired.

5. Click the Replay icon to verify the tool path.

6. Click OK to create the pocketing operation. The operation is added to the Manufacturing View and to the program in the PPR tree.

end of task