Merge Co-axial Holes with Same Diameter

task target This task shows you how co-axial holes with same diameter can be recognized as a single hole and machined in a single drilling operation.
This can be done automatically using the Global Feature Recognition command or manually using contextual commands in the Manufacturing View.
task target Open the HoleMerge.CATPart document.
scenario 1. Select Global Feature Recognition . The Global Feature Recognition dialog box appears.
2. Set Selection Type to Body then select the part in the 3D view. The feature recognition takes the associated Body object into account.
3. Select the Hole and the Holes with same diameter (one blind hole needed) check boxes.

scenario Through holes can be merged with a single blind hole with same diameter when the blind hole is the lowermost hole in the hole sequence.
The machining axis of through holes should be the same as or opposite to the machining axis of the blind hole
4. Click OK to start the feature recognition process.
An information box appears giving a summary of the process:

    Select the Manufacturing View icon in the Machining Features toolbar.
Right-click the Manufacturing View object and select Sort by Machining Features to display the created holes.
    Co-axial holes with same diameter and one blind hole have been merged:
    Co-axial holes with same diameter and no blind hole have not been merged:
    Right click one of the selected lines in the Manufacturing View and select Merge Selected Holes.

The selected holes are merged and are replaced by a new hole (Machinable Axial Feature.71 in this example).


The Propagate for Coaxial Holes contextual command automatically selects multiple holes.

When you select one or more holes and select that command, all the remaining holes with the same axis, diameter, thread parameters, and tolerance parameters as the already selected holes will be selected automatically.

The criteria are checked by the system in order to select (highlight) the co-axial features in the Manufacturing View and on the part.

You can then deselect some of the selected holes by clicking on them if you do not want them to be included in merge operation.

end of task