Create a Machining Pattern on Machinable Features

task target This task shows you how to create a machining pattern on machinable features.
task target You can make use of the features created in the Globally Create All Prismatic Machinable Features task.
scenario 1. Select the Pattern Creation icon . The Pattern Creation dialog box appears.
  2. Set Selection Type to Body then select the part in the 3D view. The pattern creation will take the associated Body object into account.

2. Click the Machining direction field, then select a geometric element to specify the machining direction (for example, selecting a face as shown means that the machining direction will be taken perpendicular to that face).

Only those axial machinable features in the specified machining direction will be taken into account for the pattern.

  3. Click OK to create the machining pattern.

You can use the Sort by Patterns contextual command to check that the pattern is added to the Manufacturing View.


Double-click the pattern identifier to display the Machining Pattern dialog box.

The pattern is visualized in the part:

task target   Selecting the Color check box allows you to create hole patterns by matching color of holes. Refer to Pattern Creation with Color Criteria for more information.

end of task